Chiavennasca is black grape variety native to the Piedmont region of North West Italy, and much more commonly known as Nebbiolo. One of Italy most beloved varieties, Nebbiolo produces some of the finest most expensive wines, such as Barolo and Barbaresco. Documents dating as far back as 1235 from the castle of Rivoli make reference to the grape. Traditionally the variety achieved outstanding results when grown on hillside locations on calcareous marl soils. Today good wines are produced on varying soils, and are blended with other grapes to soften the tannins. Nebbiolo D’Alba is produced in Roero and the style is lighter with less pronounced secondary characteristics. Nebbiolo is also grown in the DOC of Carema, Lilliputian a DOC of Donnaz and in Lombardia in Vatellina. Other than these regions, Nebbiolo is also a component of Franciacorta, the sparkling wine produced in Lombardia using the traditional method. Wine makers in the USA, Australia and South America are attempting to produce wines using it. However, as yet, nothing seems to compare with the wines of Piemonte.

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