Amayna established vineyards in the Leyda Valley in 1999, making them one of the first producers to do so. In this year Jos? Antonio Garc?s Silva, a Chilean business man purchased the property, he was part of a small pioneering team who built the pumping station lines to the Maipo, replenishing the land with water, thus enabling viticulture in this region. The 24 hectares of vines are grown on gently sloping, infertile soils that produce some of Chile?s most highly celebrated Sauvignons, Syrahs, Pinots and complex, age worthy Chardonnays. In 2007 Anayna?s first Syrah was bottled, and the property have subsequently experimented with other varieties such as Riesling, Gew?rz, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot, there is also huge potential for producing Sparkling wines due to the ability to produce wines with good acidity and materiality. In essence Amayna is one of Chile?s most innovative and exciting producers, hence the wines are celebrated throughout the world.
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