Vina Anakena was founded in the 1990?s by Felipe Ib??ez and Jorge Guti?rrez, the property is currently comprised of 400 hectares of vineyards. 155 hectares in Cachapoal Valley, 128 hectares in Leyda in the San Antonio Valley, 70 hectares in Cerro Ninqu?n in the Colchagua Valley, and 70 hectares in Las Cabras, near the Peumo area. The name ?Anakena? signifies ?bird cave? in Rapa Nui (Easter Islands) culture which is based on the birdman legend, a legendary tale of the Easter Island seagull that hid his egg in a secret spot. Every year brave islanders swam across the sea in pursuit of hunting the egg down; the successful man returning back with it was named Tangata Manu (birdman) and bequeathed with fame and fortuneThe head wine maker Gonzalo P?rez oversees all aspects of production, he has held wine making positions at Santa Rita, Vi?a Francisco de Aguirre, Vi?a Cantera and Vi?a Tarapac?. Anakena have an extensive range of wines with four separate categories, namely; the varietal range, Indo range, Single Vineyard range, and the ONA range.

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