Selection Laurence Feraud
Winemaker Laurence Feraud is the now justly famous and, it must be said, rather glamorous wine maker/owner of D. Pegau in Ch.neuf-du-Pape. Over the course of last few years Laurence has used her not inconsiderable blending talents (Pegau being about elegance and complexity not blockbusting wines) to create a number of exciting, value wines including this delicious Cotes du Rhone made from primarily from old Grenache vines with a little Syrah for colour and backbone.D. du P?gau is a beloved icon of traditionalism in Ch.neuf du Pape, crafting wines that dually epitomize the Ch.neuf style of the Southern Rh?ne while being unmistakably P?gau. Long owned by the F?raud family, the estate is run by the charming Laurence, a Parker Wine Advocate Wine Personality of the Year who was exceptionally well-schooled by her father Paul. Despite receiving six 100-point scores in less than 10 years, D. du P?gau is a down to earth specimen of Southern France hospitality

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