In 2005 the Bonnie family, owners of Bordeaux Grand Cru Classe Chateau Malartic Lagraviere, set off in search of new wine horizons. It began with the purchase of a single estate of 130 hectares in Vista Flores in Mendoza's Uco Valley. The estate, known as Clos de Los Siete, was purchased by 5 separate business partners from Bordeaux (not 7 as the name would suggest) and it soon found fame with its eponymous wine, to which all of the wineries involved contribute their superb quality fruit. That project was spearheaded by Michel Rolland, one of the most famous ambassadors for Argentine wine. Today, however, Bodega DiamAndes is producing its own expression of this very special terroir. With all that Old World heritage one could be forgiven for imagining that the wines have an innately French influence, but truly, these wines could not be from anywhere other than Mendoza, and more specifically this particular enclave of Vista Flores. Head winemaker Silvio Alberto (formerly of Andeluna Cellars) and his team are crafting some of the very best wines we have ever tasted from anywhere and we are delighted to count these wines amongst the newest additions to our portfolio. Visitors to this winery will not be disapointed by the awe-inspiring combination of modern grandeur evidenced through the architecture, and the very simple, almost minimalist functionality of the place. There is an underground crypt, designed to house (eventually) thousands of archived bottles from old vintages, where sunlight pierces through the 3 stories above down to a focal point on the floor. It feels vaguely like hallowed ground. Raiders of the Lost Bottle or perhaps it is just the ultimate venue for the best lock-in imaginable. Anyway, the wines are fantastic!

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