Founded in 2002, Afros is a project designed to combine ecological and economical aspects to create true sustainability. Their belief is that nature and labor should combine in a meaningful way and they seek to capture this through Biodynamic viticulture, letting the uniqueness of the land shine through the fruit for inimitable wines. Loureiro and Vinh?o have grown in these vineyards for centuries and serve as the reference point for the region. The visionary behind this estate is Vasco Croft, an architect and Steiner teacher, who began his career working and living in south London. He returned to Portugal as head of the Steiner school, and in 2003 established Portugal?s first, and until now, only, biodynamic quinta.The farm has been in the Croft family for 100 years and was the home of Vasco?s great grandmother. It was already planted with vineyards, but in the old style on pergolas around the corn fields. There has been extensive replanting and retraining, and other vineyards have been purchased too, here in the Minho valley but also in Lima and close to Oporto.The grapes are sourced from the Lima sub-region and the vines of Casal do Pa?o are situated in a south facing amphitheater north of the Lima River on gentle slopes with cool Atlantic breezes. The winemaking is traditional, taking place in the basement beneath the main house. The cave is buried and naturally cool and damp. They once again straddle the line between modern and traditional character with the addition of modern stainless steel equipment and traditional open top lagars, granite stone tanks, for red wine production.

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