Hans and Fransien Haan established their business in 1993 when they acquired a vineyard near Tanunda. The plantings are shiraz (5.3ha), merlot (3.4ha), cabernet sauvignon (3ha), viognier (2.4ha), cabernet franc (1ha) and malbec, petit verdot and semillon (0.4ha each). Oak undoubtedly plays a role in the shaping of the style of the Haan wines, but it is perfectly integrated, and the wines have the fruit weight to carry the oak.Haan has a strong commitment to preserving vineyard heritage and providing the best possible conditions for premium grape and wine production. The vineyard is run on a best practice, minimal input system offering considerable environmental protection. Chemical use is kept to an absolute minimum, as is irrigation and ground disturbance. Diligent natural resource management ensures the vineyard has a long term sustainable future. Fastidious winemaking and a clear understanding of excellence are also key success factors. Haan wines reflect the truly special traditions of the Barossa Valley. They include rich shiraz and cabernets, exceptional merlot and small parcels of malbec and petit verdot. Whites include a highly celebrated viognier and semillon.

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