Heinrich lies in the village of Gols in the Burgenland region, just a few kilometres from the Hungarian border. After graduating in viticulture from Austria’s Klosterneuberg University, Gernot Heinrich’s travels in Bordeaux, Spain, California and Italy convinced him that, in order to maintain finesse in his wines, the best approach was to use indigenous grapes such as Blaufränkisch, St. Laurent and Zweigelt.

The 60 hectares of vineyard lie at 140m above sea level in the Wagram area of Burgenland, where the hot summers, continental climate and south facing aspect favour the production of ripe, opulent reds. The St Laurent is planted on the light loam and limey gravel soils of the higher slopes, while the Blaufränkisch and Zweigelt (Heinrich’s most widely planted variety) are grown on the heavier soils further down. The ‘Gabarinza’ vineyard sits on the slopes of the Parndorfer plateau, where a fresh north-easterly wind dries and concentrates the grapes, resulting in a deep, powerful wine. All the vineyards have been farmed according to biodynamic principles since early 2006, with the wines officially certified from the 2009 vintage.
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