J Vidal Fleury
J Vidal-Fleury is the Rh?ne Valley?s oldest continuously operating winery, grower and negociant. Year after year they produce a variety of reasonably priced wines from all the major Rh?ne appellations. The wines are good quality, easy drinking and food friendly.Founded in 1781 in Ampuis by Joseph Vidal-Fleury, it has had a glorious past that includes serving as host to Thomas Jefferson in 1787 when he toured France to learn about the wines and winemaking. Since the 1980s it has been owned by the family of Eti?ne Guigal but is operated as an independent firm. Starting with the 2009 vintage, J Vidal-Fleury began producing their wines in a newly constructed winemaking facility that promises to improve the quality of their wines in the coming years. Guy Sarton du Jonchay has been the winemaker at Vidal-Fleury since 2008.

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