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Wine News

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market report: Critics assess Bordeaux 2013, Sauternes excels, Champagne up

Update on the fine wine markets and wine investment courtesy of Liv-ex.

weekly wine round-up of newspaper columnists for Monday 21 April 2014

Weekly round-up of wine recommendations from all the major UK newspaper columists. Print out the page as you wine shopping list

wine of the week: Royal Tokaji, Dry Furmint 2011, Hungary

A dry wine from Royal Tokaji of Hungary, the Dry Furmint 2011, shows how delicious this grape can be when made as a crisp, dry white - and currently on offer at a great price in Majestic too.

country house hotels: Ballathie in Perthshire, Scotland

The latest in our series looking at country house hotels and restaurants with rooms finds some seriously good cooking in rural Perthshire

Part II of Tom visit to Franiacorta in Italy now added

Six more producers profiled, plus notes on Franciacorta wines back to 1979 - and a video of the live disgorgement of that 35-year-old bottle

Tom visits Franiacorta to discover Italy's finest sparkling wines

It's profile may still be low in the UK, but Franciacorta is widely regarded as the best sparkling wine of Italy. Tom visits to discover more about the place, the estates and wines

Tom tastes three nice wines from a small independent merchant

the supermarkets may be a convenient place to pick up a bottle or two, but Britain's small independent merchants can still deliver on quality and price

wine quiz number 17 is here! test your wine IQ with 20 tricky questions

Our wine quizzes are immensely popular, used in wine schools and hospitality colleges around the world, and enjoyed by tens of thousands. No googling - and how many points can you score?

new competition: Win a Rioja Alta Luxury Case worth 165 GBP

One lucky person will win this fabulous case of rare Rioja wines from one of Spain's top estates. There's also the chance to sign up for competition sponsor Armit Wines' mailing list and save 10% from your first purchase from their amazing wine portfolio.

monthly wine news for March

Budget Blues, Prosecco Sparkles, California Zooms, Languedoc does Edinburgh

Four of the best: pick of February's wine tastings

Tom chooses his favourite wines from February's tastings, in four price brackets: La Moneda Sauvignon Blanc, Amalaya Blanco, Guigal Cotes du Rhone and Yabby Lake Chardonnay

new poll: does a wine's alcohol content sway your buying decisions?

Do you look for lower alcohol wines? Wines with a bit more alcohol? Does the alcohol make no difference to your buying decision? Cast your vote in our poll

a massive update for the UK wine tastings and events diary

our listings of wine tastings, wine dinners and other consumer wine events across the UK extensively updated

major update to the BYO list - our community-built BYO guide

Our guide to restaurants offering BYO for you to take along your own wine now has over 500 locations listed, from the Isle of Wight to Aberdeen. An essential resource.

30 Second Wine Advisor: A fresh look at Merlot

It has been 10 years since the movie "Sideways" made Merlot a laughingstock with the snobby character Miles's angry remark about "#$%&ing Merlot," a laugh line that actually drove down Merlot sales in the U.S. while starting a mini-boom for Pinot Noir.

Taylor Eason: Greek wines come of age

Greece is making inroads on American shelves and wine lists. Of its 300 + indigenous varieties, though, only 8 or 10 make it into the states. Taylor recently tried some of these and was, in her words, "pretty blown away."

30 Second Wine Advisor: Natural value

In my part of the world today, the greatest rivalry since the fall of the Iron Curtain reaches its zenith in the game of college basketball. It doesn't get much more competitive than this. Except, of course, in the great debate between the partisans of "natural wine" and those who favor extracting flavor by any means necessary.

30 Second Wine Advisor: Wine value: $20 or less?

A few weeks ago, reporting on a good $10 French red wine from Ventoux, I recalled with nostalgia the long-gone days when you could take your pick from a bunch of really good wines for $5 or so. Nowadays this species is just about gone, although not forgotten ...

WebWineMan: The Enchanting Grape

Richard Fadeley's go-to wine in the cold days is often a brooding and earthy syrah. He got his tasting panel together to taste a selection of syrahs (or shiraz, as it's known Down Under).

Vino e Cucina d'Italia: Cantina Giardino - The Touch of Excellence

The best Aglianico wine from the Campania region of Italy? It may be the wines produced by a small six-person winery called Cantina Giardino, in the town of Ariano Irpino, says Neil Duarte. He recently paid them a visit.

From Hugh Johnson's 2013 Pocket Wine Book

Hugh Johnson's Pocket Wine Book is an indispensable reference for the wine lover. Updated annually, this handy guide packs an incredible amount of information into a pocket-size volume.

Oxford Town Wines: Anderson Valley: A hidden gem

When John Juergens visited California's Anderson Valley, he was overwhelmed by the natural beauty - and found some excellent wineries.

Favorite Wine Links: Wine Grape Varietal Table

Here's a direct link to Steve De Long's delightfully geeky new wine-grape chart, a must-have gift for the serious wine hobbyist on your list. - Wine of the Day

2013 Grosset Alea Riesling

2013 Grosset Alea Riesling
The 2013 Alea Riesling presents pronounced aromas of yuzu zest, lemon juice and lime cordial with lilting nuances of honeyed peaches and spiced apple slices. Off-dry with a barely detectable touch of sweetness, the palate gives a lot of citrus and apple intensity at this youthful stage plus shows beautiful poise and a good long finish. Drink it now to 2025+. Imported by Frederick Wildman & Sons Ltd, NY, New York;
Rating: 93  Estimated Cost: $26-$34

CellarTracker Tasting Notes (all notes)

Important changes to CellarTracker RSS feeds

In an ongoing effort to defeat the unscrupulous scrapers of the world, we have introduced some changes to the CellarTracker RSS feeds.

Gary Vaynerchuk

[Video] My SXSW14 Keynote!

Honestly this could apply to any event or conference. Stick around for some really really solid Q&A and some even better beatboxing. This event was a blast.  

[Infographic] Pinterest Sells! Here’s How to Do It

Interior design, food photography, weddings, and MASON JARS! This is how you take advantage of the strong intent to buy present in so many Pinterest users. I’ll also add that putting up a board full of awesome infographics works pretty well too

[Infographic] Getting Weird on Vine

If you’re talking to teens or people in their early 20′s, Vine is an absolute MUST. Get on there and get weird. You’ll be noticed for it.  

[Infographic] You Can Win on Google+ and Here is How

Google+ isn’t just for Google employees! It’s the perfect place to show off your high-res photos and… ok it’s great for nerds, too.

[Infographic] What Works on LinkedIn? This Does.

LinkedIn: Log on. Make decks. Get money.

[Infographic] How Snapchat Fits Into Your Existing Social Strategy

I’ve had crazy success using snapchat to push CTAs out to my followers. It’s something every marketer should at least be familiar with!

[Infographic] #HowTo Produce #Content for #Instagram

Keep calm and use more #Hashtags. Instagram might be the single best platform for reaching Millennials.  

Build the Steak, not the Sizzle

I have no doubt that there are many people who, upon their introduction to me – whether it was at a conference, or through a video I made online – didn’t necessarily like me. Or maybe they liked me and thought “this guy is full of it.” The cynicism around me and my brand is pretty high, and I’m very aware of it. But I love it. The reason I love this is because I know that once you look under the hood, I deliver. You can market your ass off, but if your product sucks, you’re dead. Your steak can sizzle and look crazy appetizing, but if it doesn’t taste any good, your customers aren’t coming back. In order to build a functional business that can take on a life of its own, your product just has to be real....

[Infographic] How to GIF Your Way to Success on Tumblr

Is it a .gif? It better be. Tumblr is where the cool kids hang out. It’s fast-moving, trendy, and doesn’t make any sense if you’re not talking the talk. Get animated, get weird, and get noticed!  

Why I’m Not Allowed to Help with Hiring Anymore

Ok so maybe I get kind of caught up in the potential. But to be fair, it’s worked pretty well so far, hasn’t it? Catch the rest of this Q&A session here.