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in the final part of our Alsace special, five estate visits

In the third and final part of our Alsace special report, we visit five contrasting estates, each with different specialisms, and taste over 80 of their wines.

30 wines tasted from the current range in Marks and Spencer

Marks and Spencer may be accused of playing too safe with some aspects of its business, but not its adventurous and high quality wine range. 30 wines tasted.

weekly wine round-up of newspaper columnists for Monday 25 August 2014

Weekly round-up of wine recommendations from all the major UK newspaper columists. Print out the page as you wine shopping list

wine of the week: Villa Maria, Private Bin Sauvingon Blanc 2014, New Zealand

A big brand wine, but one from a company that delivers consistently - and a 2014 vintage to enjoy whilst grapes in Europe are still hanging on the vine.

a report from a very special Alsace tasting, with wines back to 1945

In part II of our Alsace special, we report from two unique tasting events held in Colmar, Alsace, and featuring the very best of Alsace back to 1945

monthly wine news for August

Wine and Science, Salut Manchester, Millennial Wine Drinkers, Russia Bans Ukranian Wine

Tom visits the top Alsace Grand Cru of Hengst

Alsace's Grand Crus remain controversial, though they include some of the best wines of the region. Tom visits the top Grand Cru of Hengst to taste the wines of Zind-Humbrecht, Josmeyer, Albert Mann and many more

Book of the month: Salt and Old Vines, by Richard W.H. Bray

A very personal tale of the several harvests spent working the vintage in the Roussillon region of the south of France

wines of the month: four great wines from July's tastings

Tom chooses his favourite wines from July's tastings in four price brackets, from Tagus Creek, Fairview, Seven Springs and M-Wines

new competition: Win a fabulous case of limited edition 'M-Wines'

One lucky person will win this fabulous case of wines courtesy of M-Wines - worth GBP 230.00. There's also the chance to sign up for M-Wines' mailing list and save 10% when you purchase any of their superb wines.

SCOOP! We have the results of the innagural Champagne and Sparkling Wine World Championships

Champagne expert Tom Stevenson has launched this globally significant new competition that attracted the never-before judged cream of deluxe Champagnes as well as sparkling wines from around the world. We have the world's first report from Tom, plus the full results.

new poll: does Chile deserve its reputation as good value but unexciting?

Chile's wines are deservedly popular, but many wine lovers express an opinion that the wines are often good, but rarely great or exciting. With new cool and coastal regions opening up, is this reputation deserved?

the latest crop from South Africa's Seven Springs

Tasting the impressive recent releases from the South African project of British husband and wife team, Tim and Vaughan Pearson.

Tom Cannavan meets Florent Baumard of the Loire Valley

It is impossible to meet with Florent Baumard without reference to the whirlwind of controversy that has swirled around him and his wines in recent months, but these remain some of the world's great wines.

a massive update for the UK wine tastings and events diary

our listings of wine tastings, wine dinners and other consumer wine events across the UK extensively updated

in our annual rose round-up, over 40 pink wines tasted and assessed

The big theme for 2014? Provence for sure. Every retailer is stocking at least a handful of them, and there are just so many lookalikes around.

Massive update to the BYO list - our community-built BYO guide

Our guide to restaurants offering BYO for you to take along your own wine now has over 500 locations listed, with dozens of brand new entries in this update.

market report: Critics assess Bordeaux 2013, Sauternes excels, Champagne up

Update on the fine wine markets and wine investment courtesy of Liv-ex.

30 Second Wine Advisor: Memories: Cheap Italian reds

Ah, memories! For many of us who've been enjoying wine since baby boomers first encountered the good stuff back in the '70s or early '80s, we get so wrapped up in wine-geek details that we forget how much we enjoyed wine back when we hardly knew anything about it.

30 Second Wine Advisor: Whites of the Med, Plus

We're enjoying an unusually cool summer, but it's still the "dog days," when light summer fare and cool, refreshing whites seem made for the season. But nowhere is it written that cool, refreshing whites need to be boring!

30 Second Wine Advisor: Offbeat grape: Gros Manseng

Have I ever mentioned how much I enjoy discovering grapes and wines? I'm still almost certain to grab a bottle if I spot a variety that I haven't tried. This attitude was well rewarded when I noticed a lone bottle of Gros Manseng.

WebWineMan: Richard Fadeley's sparkly summer

"We talk regularly about Champagne and how it can define a moment, or even create one, but the same applies to most any sparkling wine," Richard Fadeley writes. "Why not look at the 'second stringers' of sparkling wine?"

Taylor Eason: Rosés to write home about

Rosé wines are tasty all year round, but summer is high season for all things chilled and pink, writes Taylor. "Rosés are custom-made for thirst quenching. It only makes it better that they're affordable too." Here's her report on some good California dry rosés.

From Hugh Johnson's 2014 Pocket Wine Book

Hugh Johnson's Pocket Wine Book is an indispensable reference for the wine lover. Updated annually, this handy guide packs an incredible amount of information into a pocket-size volume.

Vino e Cucina d'Italia: Il Cancelliere - A Romano Family Winery

In the Irpinia area of the region of Campania, just east of Naples, the Romano family has been growing grapes and making wine for over 150 years - for themselves. Now they're selling it, and exporting it. Here's Neil Duarte's report. - Wine of the Day

2012 Jean Paul Brun Beaujolais Blanc Chardonnay

2012 Jean Paul Brun Beaujolais Blanc Chardonnay
The 2012 Beaujolais Blanc Classic comes from 45-year-old vines and is raised in cement cuves. It has a light but well-defined nose with scents of apple blossom and freshly sliced pear. The palate is very well-balanced with those pear and lightly spiced notes on the front palate, while the finish is very harmonious, with touches of hazelnut and smoke. Lovely! Drink now-2017. My admiration for the wines of Jean-Paul Brun was expressed in Issue 211 earlier this year. Based in Charnay since 1979 when he started Terres Dorees from four hectares of vine, Brun is one of the region’s finest and most sought-after exponents of what might be described as “traditional” Beaujolais, even though his style of winemaking is more Burgundian than Beaujolais. He stringently uses natural yeasts during alcoholic fermentation and tends to make wine at slightly lower degrees of alcohol than others. He used the naturally produced carbon dioxide to protect his wines and minimize the use of SO2. It was a pleasure to taste further releases that appear to have transcended the difficulties of the 2012 growing season and will doubtless repay those sage enough to lend them time in cellar. Imported by Louis/Dressner Selections, New York, NY; tel. (212) 334-8191 and through OW Loeb (UK)
Rating: 89  Estimated Cost: $12-$20

CellarTracker Tasting Notes (all notes)

Important changes to CellarTracker RSS feeds

In an ongoing effort to defeat the unscrupulous scrapers of the world, we have introduced some changes to the CellarTracker RSS feeds.

Gary Vaynerchuk

#AskGaryVee Episode 11: Diplomas, not GPAs

#QOTD: What are you doing this weekend? #LINKS: My AMA on Reddit – Music by T.Jay – Today’s Voiceover by Max Bass – #TIMESTAMPS 00:44 – If you owned a winery in Napa, what would your left jabs look like? 03:24 Do you respond to your post/tweets/emails/messages personally? or do you delegate? 04:52 What foods have you added to your lifestyle that you are enjoying the most? 05:23 How can I converge my vision of being a youtuber, while my parents want me to go to college? 05:49 What are your thoughts about FB banning like-gating soon? 07:06 – Do you think...

#AskGaryVee Episode 9: Ice Bucket Billionaire

#QOTD: Who in your family inspires you the most? Today we a very special episode of The #AskGaryVee show. I’ve been holding off on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge for awhile now, but when my man Michael called me out, I knew I had to make the move! So now I challenge YOU, VaynerNation, to get out there, soak yourselves, and DONATE! #LINKS Donate to the ALS association – Special Guest: Michael! YouTube – Twitter – #TIMESTAMPS 00:42 – What’s an area of life you haven’t given your fullest efforts? 02:16 – How does humor play a role...

#AskGaryVee Episode 8: Buy the Damn Cat!

#QOTD: What is currently your favorite single beverage? Things that I have decided are important: Keeping life spicy, wine, my health, and being honest. LINKS: Cyberdust – Music by T.Jay – TIMESTAMPS: 0:39 Do you believe in Jim Collins belief that we can only focus on 3 things? 1:38 What is the best way to grow a following or community from nothing? 3:36 Tea or Coffee? or wine? 3:57 As a business leader whats one thing that keeps you up at night? 4:54 Center or Edge? 5:01 What’s the best way for a right hook to seem like a jab? 7:26 How can public institutions/government use social media more effectively in marketing campaigns? _ Welcome to The #AskGaryVee Show, where I answer...

#AskGaryVee Episode 7: Parents, Patience, and Pie

Getting into some long-winded answers today! It’s a really great sign, too, because it’s clear that you guys are asking me amazing questions, so I really want to give some of them the time they deserve. Also be sure to hit me up on CyberDust tomorrow (@garyvee) so I can answer some of your more personal questions. #QOTD: What other personalities in the video world are you enjoying content from? #LINKS: Cyberdust – Matthew Santoro – Music by T.Jay – #TIMESTAMPS: 1:58 – Who are your idols? or the people that inspire you? 2:58 – Should I take a risk by expanding to other platforms? or stick to youtube? 4:05...

#AskGaryVee Episode 6: Friction Sucks

In this episode we talk about getting familiar with Facebook advertising, my love for my family, and the magic of red-headed quarterbacks. On top of that we get into being grateful, being right, and being patient. Three of my favorite things! LINKS: TIMESTAMPS 0:27 - What’s the best way to use Facebook dark posts? 1:51 - Is it still necessary to drive traffic from social to your dot com? 3:57 - How’d you deal with working in a family business? 5:03 - What did you think of the Dalton trade? 5:38 - Does the demand for your attention get overwhelming? 6:20 - If you had to do it over again, would you start with WLTV, or Wine Library?

#AskGaryVee Episode 4: Personal Branding and Brett Favre

In this episode I talk about the importance of my wife, my health, and the fact that Brett Favre had a brief stint as a NY Jet. I also ask the most important question of all: Are you actually bringing value to your consumers?! _ Welcome to The #AskGaryVee Show, where I answer your questions about marketing, social media, and entrepreneurship. Want to get on the show? Tweet me your question with #AskGaryVee! LINKS: My Instagram: SUBSCRIBE: TIMESTAMPS: 0:36 – For social media is it better to self brand or establish a brand? 1:37 – How important is it that your significant other share your entrepreneurial vision? 3:41 – What’s the most common mistake...

#AskGaryVee Episode: 3 Small Businesses with Itsy Bitsy Cash

LINKS: How to get advertisers on your blog – Download Resy – Terroir – Corkbuzz – TIMESTAMPS: 0:58 – What are the most important lessons your father taught you about building a business? 2:10 – Where do you see yourself in five years? 3:37 – What wine bars do you recommend? 4:24 – How should I market a local social startup? 5:51 – What’s your advice for small business owners with limited cash?

#AskGaryVee Episode 2: Tools, Sheep, and Rihanna

LINKS: How to get advertisers: Buy my book: Watch episode one: Music by Rome Fortune: TIMESTAMPS: 0:19 – How do I create interesting content for a boring subject like a hardware store? 1:18 – How do I get the first 10 customers for a creative service startup? 2:20 – I’m taught that people are basically sheep. How does this fit with your idea of “the customer decides”? 3:18 – I’m a music producer. How can I use social to promote my content? 6:13 – Where are the best places to hire great employees these days?

Q&A Session from PCBC 2014

00:00 – How to use an experimental budget to decide on a platform 1:17 – How Facebook dark posts work 3:07 – How best to reach the *right* people? 5:20 – What if I don’t believe that these people are spending any time on social media? 8:30 – What’s the metric we should be tracking modern real-estate marketing against?

PCBC 2014 Full Keynote: A Must-Watch for Real Estate Developers

If you remember nothing else, remember this: The key variable that will determine success is the ability to market like the year you’re actually living in. That’s it.