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Tom Cannavan meets Florent Baumard of the Loire Valley

It is impossible to meet with Florent Baumard without reference to the whirlwind of controversy that has swirled around him and his wines in recent months, but these remain some of the world's great wines.

weekly wine round-up of newspaper columnists for Monday 21 July 2014

Weekly round-up of wine recommendations from all the major UK newspaper columists. Print out the page as you wine shopping list

wine of the week: Fairview, Darling Chenin Blanc 2013

The Paarl estate of Fairview has looked to the cool, Atlantic-influenced Darling for this lean and delicious Chenin Blanc

a massive update for the UK wine tastings and events diary

our listings of wine tastings, wine dinners and other consumer wine events across the UK extensively updated

wines of the month: four great wines from June's tastings

Tom chooses his favourite wines from June's tastings in four price brackets, from Percheron, Idrias Abiego, Chandon and Craggy Range

in our annual rose round-up, over 40 pink wines tasted and assessed

The big theme for 2014? Provence for sure. Every retailer is stocking at least a handful of them, and there are just so many lookalikes around.

monthly wine news for July

Berry's Burgundy sale, second-hand wine, Bordeaux Cite du vin, Cellar in the sea

the mysterious M-Wines: four superb limited edition wines

M-Wines is a fascinating project, giving the world's most talented young winemakers an unrestricted opportunity to make their very best wine.

Cloudy Bay: tasting three of this icon's other wines

The Sauvignon may have put Cloudy Bay - and New Zealand wine - on the map, but we taste Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and the Te Koko cuvee

Sicily: wines and estates from across the island in part II of this report

The last couple of decades have seen real change and today Sicily produces some of Italy's most exciting wines. We taste over 70 of them in our region by region guide.

six wines from independent merchant Nethergate Wines

wines from Burgundy, Bordeaux, the Rhone and the Loire - with a nod to the new world too

summer of sport fizzes: two special edition Champagnes

Both Taittinger and Mumm have special edition releases to celebrate two of summer 2014's great sporting events

new competition: Win a fabulous case of top New Zealand wines worth over 200 GBP

One lucky person will win this fabulous case of wines courtesy of Great Western Wines. There's also the chance to sign up for GWW's mailing list and save 10% from your first purchase from their amazing wine portfolio.

Massive update to the BYO list - our community-built BYO guide

Our guide to restaurants offering BYO for you to take along your own wine now has over 500 locations listed, with dozens of brand new entries in this update.

market report: Critics assess Bordeaux 2013, Sauternes excels, Champagne up

Update on the fine wine markets and wine investment courtesy of Liv-ex.

new poll: does a wine's alcohol content sway your buying decisions?

Do you look for lower alcohol wines? Wines with a bit more alcohol? Does the alcohol make no difference to your buying decision? Cast your vote in our poll

30 Second Wine Advisor: A fresh look at Gamay

Gamay. Let's face it, this is not a grape that inspires the reverential response reserved for Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon or Syrah.

Taylor Eason: Rosés to write home about

Rosé wines are tasty all year round, but summer is high season for all things chilled and pink, writes Taylor. "Rosés are custom-made for thirst quenching. It only makes it better that they're affordable too." Here's her report on some good California dry rosés.

30 Second Wine Advisor: Where did Sherry go?

Looking at trends in food and dining, you might expect Sherry to be the next big thing. Tapas and "small plates" are hip; and the art of the cocktail is booming. So why not turn to Sherry? This natural cocktail was the original drink for tapas. But it's just not happening.

30 Second Wine Advisor: Spanish whites appeal!

Just about as long as I've been drinking wine, when I think of Spain I think of red. Spanish wine has been easy, fun ... and red. In recent years, though, I've moved away from Spanish reds. Or maybe I should say that they've moved away from me.

WebWineMan: Wine for Summer - Sauvignon Blanc

"When you look for a nice summer sipper you tend to look for crisp acidity, appealing aromas, and a reasonable price," writes Richard Fadeley. Here's his report on light- to medium-bodied Sauvignon Blancs for summer quaffing.

From Hugh Johnson's 2014 Pocket Wine Book

Hugh Johnson's Pocket Wine Book is an indispensable reference for the wine lover. Updated annually, this handy guide packs an incredible amount of information into a pocket-size volume.

Vino e Cucina d'Italia: Il Cancelliere - A Romano Family Winery

In the Irpinia area of the region of Campania, just east of Naples, the Romano family has been growing grapes and making wine for over 150 years - for themselves. Now they're selling it, and exporting it. Here's Neil Duarte's report.

Taylor Eason: Greek wines come of age

Greece is making inroads on American shelves and wine lists. Of its 300 + indigenous varieties, though, only 8 or 10 make it into the states. Taylor recently tried some of these and was, in her words, "pretty blown away."

WebWineMan: The Enchanting Grape

Richard Fadeley's go-to wine in the cold days is often a brooding and earthy syrah. He got his tasting panel together to taste a selection of syrahs (or shiraz, as it's known Down Under). - Wine of the Day

2009 Chave St Joseph Offerus

2009 Chave St Joseph Offerus
One of the finest examples of this cuvee Chave has yet made, the 2009 St.-Joseph Offerus is performing fabulously well from bottle. Produced from purchased grapes grown on the hillsides behind the village of Mauves as well as from further north on the hillsides above Tournon and St.-Jean de Muzols, this St.-Joseph reveals copious aromas of licorice, bay leaf, bouquet garni, roasted meats, black cherries and raspberries. It possesses an attractive texture as well as lots of fleshy, fat flavors, and good acidity and freshness. It, too, should drink nicely for a decade. Adding to their acreage in St.-Joseph, the Chaves purchased the famous Clos Florentin Vineyard a few years ago. I suspect they will make a single vineyard wine from this site in the future. Importer: Langdon-Shiverick, Los Angeles, CA; tel. (213) 483-5900
Rating: 90  Estimated Cost: $23-$39

CellarTracker Tasting Notes (all notes)

Important changes to CellarTracker RSS feeds

In an ongoing effort to defeat the unscrupulous scrapers of the world, we have introduced some changes to the CellarTracker RSS feeds.

Gary Vaynerchuk

The Amount of Content Produced Every 48 Hours Will Blow Your Mind

When you’re dealing with this much media, the most effective way to break through is to care! And the best part is that because of the infrastructure that social media (the plumbing of the internet) provides us, we can care at scale.

This is My Best Youtube Video Yet: Market Like It’s 2014!

#Boom. My best YouTube video to date. This is how to use social media. This is how to use the internet to sell stuff. Don’t look forward, don’t look back. Look at what works NOW and double down.

Dark Posts, #Selfies, and Lawyers: A Q&A in Philly

If you haven’t seen the keynote that comes before this, do yourself a favor and check it out! 00:00 – Don’t you believe that marketers have ruined Facebook dark posts, yet? 2:25 – How did you land your Instagram-resistant CEO as a client? 7:05 – Can I come up to the stage and take a #selfie with you? 8:20 – How can we recruit freight agents using social media? 9:19 – How do we authentically tell our stories when we’re marketing to lawyers? 13:14 – Where do you draw the line to use your personal brand instead of your company’s?

Social Media State of the Union: EO Nerve 2014 Full Keynote

Guys this one got real. I honestly think this keynote in Philly set the benchmark for my new generation of talks. Check it out and let me know what you think!

My Full Keynote from the MIMA Summit 2010

Awesome to take a look at what my predictions were back between Crush It! and The Thank You Economy.

How to Build a Business by Saying “NO” Instead of “Yes”

Notice that I say “120 employees”? That’s right, this is a classic from 2012! But the lesson stays the same: If you’re trying to execute, sometimes you need to say “no” in order to get the right things done and make progress.

The Reason You Shouldn’t Worry About How to Get Twitter Followers

You should be thankful for each and every follower! It’s not about how to get Twitter followers, it’s about finding the best way  to engage with the ones you have. I made the choice to actually sacrifice Wine Library’s business objectives, but seeing those 27 views was huge for me!

It’s So Easy for All of Us to Change the World

There is a huge difference between making a product that the world uses, and actually changing the world. The act of changing the world has been simplified and scaled down, just a small gesture can have a huge impact in someones life.

How One Phone Call Got Me An Advocate For Life

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