Domaine Paul Jaboulet Âiné

Domaine Paul Jaboulet Aîné is situated in perhaps the most beautiful location in the southern Rhône Valley and is certainly one of the Rhône’s most famous names, producing wines from 26 appellations in the Rhône Valley including some of the world’s greatest. Hermitage La Chapelle is their flagship wine, made from 100% Syrah and named after the small hermit’s chapel which was built on the top of the Hermitage hill in 1235; this iconic building is now owned by Jaboulet.
Antoine Jaboulet is credited with starting the family firm in 1834. He had twin sons, Henri and Paul, who both expanded the business, but it was the elder (aîné) brother after whom the business was named and it remained family owned and run through the generations for nearly two hundred years. However, in 2006 the entire business was sold to Franco-Swiss financier, Jean-Jacques Frey, who also owns Bordeaux Third Growth Château La Lagune, and a large holding in Champagne house Billecart-Salmon. Jean- Jacques’s daughter Caroline Frey, who has a degree in oenology from the University of Bordeaux, is in charge of wine-making and viticulture. Jaboulet’s philosophy is that the culture of the vine is at the heart of their profession, with each vine maturing its grapes in the best conditions, drawing the taste of the soil from the soil. Their entire vineyard has been in official conversion towards organic farming since 2013. With autumn’s nip firmly in the air now, what could be better than a spicy Rhône red, or if you prefer a white wine, the region produces a plethora of rich fruity wines which are stunning in their concentration – batten down the shutters and roll out the Rhone!
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