Chateau de Poncie

A patchwork of terroirs

Of the Domaine’s 120 hectares of land, only 46 hectares with the best exposures are used to grow vines that express their differences and characters, such as Brirette, Haut du Py, Muriers, Carcans, Montgenas, Poncié, Le Pré Roi, La Salomine, etc. These are unique parcels which benefit from various different exposures as well as a range of terroirs.

From the top to the bottom of the slopes, each bunch of grapes benefits from its altitude, the sun and the wind. The rainwater runs off forcing the plant to dig deep into the soil. It is this diversity which is the force behind Château de Poncié and its biggest asset.

The rest of the land, a combination of fields and woodland, dotted with 100-year-old cedars, shape the landscape and preserve its biodiversity.

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