Adega Guimaro

Followers of the Spanish scene will be familiar with Mencia, predominately from Bierzo and the likes of Raul Perez, the Spanish king of cooler climate Spanish red wines. Whilst these wines have been rightly lauded, there is another (very steep) side of the story being played out in Ribeira Sacra in Galicia, also featuring Raul in a supporting role. The wines of Adega Guimaro are made by Pedro Rodriguez Perez (no relation, they are just good mates) whose family have been instrumental in renovating ancient abandoned terraces of Mencia that are so steep that they rival the Mosel for sheer precariousness. Raul actually makes one of his wines there, El Pecado which received 98 points in the Wine Advocate and he also assisted in making Finca Meixeman. These Mencias are the ultimate in refined elegance, all floral nose and minerality, with impeccable balance and freshness, reminiscent of the best Loire Valley Cabernet Francs. In short, we love them and we think you will too.

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