Alfredo Prunotto

This long established family business is now controlled by Antinori, another well known family firm based in Tuscany. During the last two decades Antinori has expanded considerably, purchasing estates within and outside of Tuscany (and Italy). The Antinori family have successfully maintained the Prunotto vision of meticulously nurturing the product from the grape right through to the glass. In fact, Alfredo Prunotto (founder) pioneered viticulture techniques such as grape selection, and the production of superior blends made solely from the finest grapes. In 1990, 7 hectares of the vines were purchased in Bussia cru, one of the most the most distinguished regions of Barolo, and in 1995 another 27 hectares of Agliano was purchased for the production of Babera d?Asti. Today approximately 800,000 bottles a year are produced, largely red wine, with quantities of Moscato, Arneis, Moscato, Bussia grappas and Ansol?. Quality id dictated by rigorous grape selection as well as judicious and innovative wine making. Oak ageing is paramount, and new 100hl French oak casks, 5hl tonneaux and 225L barriques are used in various proportions tailored to suit each individual vineyard parcel.

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