Benito Santos

Benito Santos was an important winemaker in the history of the Rías Baixas region and was instrumental in the conservation of the Albariño grape. He started working in his grandfather’s vineyards in the 1930s and was instrumental in the creation of the Rías Baixas D.O. in the 1980s. Over the years, he became the most decorated winemaker of the Fiesta of Albariño in Cambados.

The estate comprises of three vineyards in the Val do Salnés subzone of Rías Baixas, each named after an ancient church nearby: Saiar, Bemil, and Xoan. Our Albariño, a single vineyard bottling of Saiar, is certified organic, something that is not easy to achieve in the rainy climate of Rías Baixas. Only native yeasts and minimal sulphur are used during winemaking. The wine displays very vibrant, zingy acidity and inherent minerality, which sets it apart from other, richer and more tropical styles of Albariño.
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