Bodegas Terras Gauda

Though formed only in 1989, the company Terras Gauda has developed a worldwide reputation for the quality of its wines, particularly those from the R?as Baixas region of Galicia in northwest Spain. Founder Jos? Mar?a Fonseca, inspired by the region's 'upgrading' to full DO status in 1988, focused on the Albari?o grape. From the outset the company pursued excellence in its vine material, establishing an experimental site with 115 Albari?o clones, studying their growth and quality and carrying out individual micro-vinifications to establish the ideal clones for their soils, the programme not being concluded until 2005. The company's vineyards and winery lie in the O Rosal Valley on the banks of the Mi?o River (above). This is an area of mild temperatures with an annual average of 15?C, very little frost and abundant rainfall. Albari?o is not the only variety however, as other indigenous varieties including Loureira and Cai?o Blanco are also grown and blended in some of their R?as Baixas bottlings. The latter grape is particularly interesting as it is an ancient variety 'recovered' by Terras Gauda's research team and now the basis of their premium 'La Mar' bottling. ( Tom Cannavan,

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