Catherine Marshall Wines

Founded by recognised winemaker Cathy Marshall in 1997 the Barefoot Wine Company was one of the first true ?boutique/micro-wineries? in the Western Cape, establishing a then ground-breaking, ?alternative? approach, characterised by the use of a low-tech, but meticulous hands-on methodology which set the trend for the burgeoning ?Garagiste? movement. Thanks to Cathy?s tireless efforts, the company grew from humble beginnings (with a handful of friends and family gathering at harvest-time to press the grapes barefoot) to become an institution ? inspiring hundreds of enthusiastic participants to attend the annual BWC ?foot-stomps?!. Her prowess has earned her a well-founded reputation for excellence. Since those early days, she has travelled the globe to hone her wine-making skills and is particularly proud of all her wines, especially her Pinot Noir ? so the change of name from the Barefoot Wine Co to Catherine Marshall Wines just says it all!Catherine Marshall Wines moved into new (permanent) premises at Valley Green Farm in Elgin just in time for the 2011 vintage. Cathy has long term relationships with growers, sourcing her grapes only where the match between terroir and grape are assured of producing the very best.

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