The Wine Direct Cuban Cigar Range

Why not add a Cuban cigar to your case of wine or gift?

We carry a small range of some of the most renowned Cuban cigars. Nowhere in the world grows tobacco better than Cuba. Combine this with the extraordinary skills found on this island, which have been passed down through generations over the last two centuries and it is no surprise that Havana cigars are widely regarded as the finest in the world.

All packs of Havanas selected for sale in the UK domestic market bear the EMS (English Market Selection) stamp. EMS Stamps are applied to boxes of Havanas that have passed a UK quality inspection and are a guarantee to you and your customers that the cigars have been imported through official channels.

When cigars are purchased together with wine then the shipping is "free" since we simply add the cigar tube, pack or box to your wine shipment. Our prices are competitive with those of leading UK online cigar companies and we have our own in house humidor for keeping the cigars at the appropriate temperature and humidity.

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