Clusel Roch

This D. now only employs organic methods to work its vineyards and for some time has consistently had some of the lowest yields in the region. Such low yields and excellent vineyard sites help to produce profound, refined, benchmark C?te R?tie that age seamlessly. The standard cuv?e is aged in one- and two-year-old barriques for a year and usually contains 4 to 5% Viognier, giving it a delicate floral touch. Les Grandes Places is a single vineyard that regularly produces stunning wines whose yields are frustratingly low. This is compounded by habitual June hail that sometimes devastates the vineyard so badly that, as in 1999, only one barrel is produced. Aged in a higher proportion of newer barriques than the standard cuv?e, its depth of flavour is immense, stacked with layer upon layer of berry fruit and savoury flavours which are incisively delineated by ripe tannin and fresh acidity.
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