Domaine de l'Arlot

D. de l'Arlot is the site of the former D. Jules Belin in Premeaux, located just south of Nuits St. Georges. The D. was co-owned by Jean-Pierre De Smet, who spent about eight years alongside Jacques Seysses of D. Dujac before taking over at Arlot in 1986, and Lise Judet. Today, 14 hectares are planted with Pinot Noir for the red wines, with about 5% devoted to Chardonnay and Pinot Gris for the whites. The oldest vines are about 60+ years old, with the average age around 35. Since 2002 the D. has practiced 100% organic farming.The D. has two premier cru Monopoles: Clos des For?ts Saint Georges (7 hectares) and Clos de L'Arlot (4 hectares). The Clos de L'Arlot also produces about 3,000 bottles of a rare white Nuits St. Georges. The Nuits St. George AC is made from the young Clos des For?ts vines, producing about 3,000 bottles. The C?te de Nuits Villages Clos du Chapeau is only about 3 hectares.In 1991, the D. added a parcel of Roman?e Saint Vivant to its holdings. The vines are located just in front of Roman?e Conti. In 1992, Arlot purchased and produced Vosne Roman?e les Suchots. The wines of D. de L'Arlot are aged in about one third new wood from the Allier forest and are bottled after 16-18 months for the premier crus, 14-15 months for the village wines. The reds are bottled unfiltered.Jacques Devauges joined to manage the D. in 2007. Jacques had previously been the director at Maison Fr?d?ric Magnien and D. Michel Magnien in Morey Saint-Denis. Jacques is committed to maintaining the classic, elegant style that has come to define the wines of D. de L?Arlot.

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