Domaine du Pegau

D. du Pegau is an estate bottler of Ch.neuf-du-Pape, owned by Paul F?raud and his daughter Laurence. Recognized as one of the top estates in Ch.neuf, its wines are considered among the world?s greatest. Though supply is far outweighed by demand, prices remain reasonable for those able to seek out and purchase these wines.The name Pegau (old Provencal word for a wine jug found in the excavations of the 14th century Popes Palace in Avignon) was created in 1987, when Laurence Feraud after her wine studies went home to help her father Paul Feraud at the D.. Paul always talk about Laurence as "le chef", but he is an experienced winemaker himself. The property has belonged to the family for several generations. From 1986 Paul Feraud started bottling of wine and sold it under the mark D. Feraud.Today father and daughter have made Pegau to one of the best wines in Ch.neuf du Pape. They have 17 ha. with red varieties and 1 ha. with white grapes. The 11 parcels are spread around the appellation and gives different wines, which after the blending result in a very distinct wine, a true classic Ch.neuf du Pape. In the fields organic methods are used.

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