Domaine Henri Bourgeois

Henri Bourgeois established his Domaine. in Chavignol, a town which is probably more famous for its goat's cheese - Crottin de Chavignol - than its wine. Nevertheless, the Domaine. has become one of the most important houses in Sancerre, operating both as a grower and as a negociant.The Bourgeois family have been making wine in Sancerre for ten generations, although until recent times the family business has been small. In 1950, under the control of Henri Bourgeois himself, the Domaine. was just 2 hectares in size. Today the firm is run by Jean-Marie Bourgeois, with apparent boundless energy. Having grown to an impressive 65 hectares, the Domaine. provides about half of the firm's needs, the remaining half being purchased from local growers.

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