Domenico Clerico

Domenico Clerico winery is situated in Monforte d?Alba, right in the heart of Barolo, Piedmont, northwestern Italy where these famed single-vineyard wines are characterized by their extraordinary richness, remarkable aromatics and sensual personalities, making it one of the world?s most esteemed Barolo.Owner Domenico Clerico, hailed as ?one of Italy?s most gifted winemakers in Piedmont? by Robert Parker Jr., believes that the grape, rather than the production process, is the key to quality wines. He champions the virtues of terroir, as well as uses barriques for ageing to reach a great wine consistency and an exceptional character.?The secret to achieving quality wines is that we focus on growing quality vines, seventy percent of the work is done in the vineyard to assure a quality wine?, Domenico reveals. ?It started when I was young and I would green harvest my father?s crop when he was on holiday! I had to hide the cuttings away afterwards otherwise my father would have given me big trouble! Now our approach to viticulture includes using only organic fertilizer and tilling the soil. This is a God-blessed land but we need to be humble enough to realise that if we don?t take care of it, we will never be able to have great wines?. In 1977 Domenico Clerico decided to leave his job as a salesman in order to work full time in his family?s estate. After several experiments in the cellar, Domenico?s friends persuaded him to make wine on a permanent basis. Vineyards were purchased in some of the most interesting crus of Monteforte: Ginestra in 1983, Pajana in 1989 and the last, Mosconi, in 1985. Domenico is now one of the region?s great legends and characters, advocating the modern Barolo winemaking philosophy of short maceration and ageing in barriques. His wines display polish, structure and most importantly balance. Arte, a blend of Nebbiolo, Barbera and Cabernet is a prime example of this.

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