Eric Texier

For ?ric Texier, wine is a second career. He was working as a nuclear engineer when he decided that he?d prefer to make wine. So, he studied enology at Bordeaux in 1992, and in 1993 he trained as a winemaker with Jean-Marie Guffens at Verget in M?con. He made his first vintage in 1995.He has two sides to his business. First, he makes wines from his own vineyard in Br?z?me; second, he acts as a negociant across other appellations in the Rh?ne and M?connais.Br?z?me is a small appellation in the northern Rh?ne that ?ric is now the king of. He was fascinated by the fact that in the mid-19th century, its wines rivalled those of Hermitage. By 1961, however, just one hectare remained. ?ric has now put the appellation back on the map, and is the leading grower there. He now works his own vineyards biodynamically, and makes all his wines in a natural manner, only adding sulfur dioxide at bottling. ( Jamie Goode,

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