The Jacquart story is a history of the Champagne growers? efforts to control their own destiny rather than relying on the big Grande Marque houses as a route to market. In the early 1960s, a small group of growers realised that in order to build their own businesses in a sustainable way, they needed to launch their own Champagne. The Champagne Jacquart brand was subsequently released for the first time in 1962 and the ?Mosa?que? label chosen to represent the patchwork of grower families across the region, all joined together with a common vision. As Champagne Jacquart has grown in reputation, the grower families have benefited directly and over the years many more growers have joined the cause, so that today Champagne Jacquart enjoys an unsurpassed access to the best vineyards from across the region. This ability to choose only the best grapes for the Mosa?que label is the secret to Jacquart?s success. Champagne Jacquart aims to deliver the best quality with exceptional value-for-money and is constantly developing and improving, with particular emphasis on their vineyards, presses and production facilities.

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