Littorai Wines was founded in 1993 by Heidi and Ted Lemon. With the exception of Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir, all Littorai wines are single-vineyard designated from the northern coasts of California, western Sonoma and western Mendocino Counties. In fact, "Littorai" comes from the Latin word for "coasts".From the Latin for "coasts," the Littorai name is a reminder that wine, "this noblest agricultural product, arises from the weave of place (vineyard), time (vintage), and man." This recognition, combined with Ted Lemon's education and training in winemaking in France, result in highly sought-after California Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Lemon's winemaking philosophy is influenced heavily by his time at the Universite de Bourgogne, where he earned a degree in Enology, as well as his apprenticeships at estates such as D. Dujac, Roumier, and Bruno Clair.
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