Sarah and Sparky Marquis both come from winemaking families, and they both studied at university and planned to return home to run their family businesses. That was until they met each other, and started their own dynasty. Starting with just $1000 in the bank, they built their company by helping their grower friends to grow exceptional quality grapes, and made wines from those grapes in the back of their winemaker friends? wineries. Every time they outgrew a winery, they moved on to a bigger one.During their winemaking journey they produced five very successful award-winning brands for their friends; Fox Creek, Henry?s Drive, Parson?s Flat, Marquis Philips and Shirvington.In 2006, they started their own brand, naming it Mollydooker (meaning ?left-hander? in Australian slang). Their first vintage of 32,000 cases was phenomenally successful, with the Lefty wines selling out in nineteen days, and the Love wines in five. Sarah and Sparky now make 60,000 cases a year, but don?t intend to expand production. They believe that they are already making all the quality wine they can, and they prefer to stay a small, family company.Sarah and Sparky now have three vineyards of their own in McLaren Vale, and also buy grapes from friends in McLaren Vale, Langhorne Creek & Padthaway. Most of them have been growing for Sarah and Sparky for at least ten years, and all grow their grapes according to the same unique watering system, the Marquis Vineyard Watering Programme? . The Viticulture team visits each vineyard twice a week during the growing season and works out the watering needed for the next half week to grow grapes which are as richly coloured, luscious and intensely flavoured as possible.Sarah and Sparky?s wines carry a guarantee of quality. Each parcel is judged on its Marquis Fruit Weight? (the measure of how far back on your tongue the velvety sensation of fruit goes). The Lefty Wines are 65-74%, the Party Wines are 75-84%, the Love Wines are 85-94%, and the very special Velvet glove is 95+%. Any wines of less than 65% are sold off as bulk wine, and if there are no parcels which qualify at the higher levels, Mollydooker doesn?t make the higher level wines that year.
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