Morgex et de la Salle

The communes of Morgex and La Salle play host to the highest vineyards in all of Europe, with vines running almost up to the snow line of Mont Blanc and hovering nearly 4,000 feet above sea level. La Cave du Vin Blanc de Morgex et de La Salle is a cooperative recently started by the state government of Vall?e d?Aoste in 1983, with the primary goal of saving the viticulture traditions that have been practiced for a millennium in the breathtaking Alpine beauty of the communes of Morgex and La Salle. Morgex and La Salle are located at the very foot of the spectacular Mont Blanc, which separates these rugged French uplands in the Vall?e d?Aoste from Italy on the far side of the peak. La Cave du Vin Blanc is currently run by the indefatigable Gianluca Telloli. In 1989 La Cave du Vin Blanc completed their deep and spacious cellars, giving them the modern facilities to produce wine at a world class level. The regions of Morgex and de La Salle have approximately ninety winegrowers, most of whom supply their grapes to the commune, from a patchwork of small individual holdings. These bucolic Alpine regions produce white wines, either still or sparkling, made from the delicate and little seen Pri? Blanc grape variety, which is also grown in the Valais region of Switzerland. Pri? Blanc is a fine grape that produces a lovely, delicate and complex white wine that beautifully captures the underlying minerality of the soils it is planted in, coupling this with lovely yellow fruit tones and a consistent floral topnote that is redolent of the mountain meadows that dot this region in the high days of summer.

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