Newton Johnson

Newton Johnson is very much a family affair. Started by his father in the 1970s, today Gordon Newton Johnson and his wife Nadia are making the wines and brother Bevan is in charge of the business side. Their vineyards and winery offer stunning views to a distant Table Mountain, and are farmed on very careful, sustainable lines with biological controls minimising the need to use chemical treatments, such as an introduced population of ladybirds cleaning up more harmful insect pests in the vineyard.The Newton Johnson vineyard runs to 18 hectares, mostly on decomposed granite soils with a band of clay deeper down, and a few very stony sections - up to 80% stones in parts. Between them, Gordon and Nadia have chalked up considerable experience including time spent in New Zealand and California. Their hugely impressive portfolio of wines is built around Pinot Noir, and they also make wine on contract for other fine growers in the region including the excellent Shannon Vineyards. ( Tom Cannavan -

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