Rafael Palacios

As befits one of the members of a clan firmly entrenched in Spain's winemaking elite, Rafael Palacios' Godellos have become the undisputed benchmark by which other Iberian white wines are judged. Based in the variety's spiritual home, DO Valdeorras, Rafael purchased some mature vineyards in 2004. His previous experience in the area as a consultant had motivated him to try and recuperate the unique sub-zone of the Bibei Valley in the Municipality of O Bolo, which he has done to great effect.In common with neighbouring Ribera Sacra, much of the Godello in Valdeorras is cultivated traditionally on steep terraces. The predominance of small plots is the result of inheritances drawn by lot, often out of a hat, called "Sorte" in the Galician language and the inspiration for the name As Sortes.

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