Redman Wines

For over 100 years and through four generations, the Redman family have made wines from the red soil of Coonawarra.

The Redman family’s association with Coonawarra began in 1901 when Bill Redman arrived and gained employment in John Riddoch’s winery. By 1908 Bill decided to purchase a vineyard and make wine himself.

For many years Bill was the only person making wine in Coonawarra, although he sold all his wine in bulk to other wine companies outside Coonawarra. Owen Redman joined his father in 1937, and while the reputation of their wines continued to grow it was not until 1952 that the Redman family bottled wine under their own label “Rouge Homme”.

In 1965 Rouge Homme was sold to Lindeman Wines. Owen Redman immediately bought a small vineyard from Arthur Hoffman, and in 1966 started Redman Wines. The current winery was completed for the 1969 vintage.

Owen’s sons Bruce and Malcolm started working in the winery in 1981, and are still currently running the business. They were joined by Bruce’s sons Daniel in 2008 and Michael in 2015.

Today, Redman’s continue to make wine using many of the traditional techniques, such as hand pruning and open fermentation, learned through four generations of winemaking, to produce handcrafted wines ready to drink now, and with the potential to age for many years.

At Redman’s we have 84 acres of vineyard planted to 3 varieties, Shiraz (55.5 acres), Cabernet Sauvignon (25 acres) and Merlot (3.5 acres) in Coonawarra.

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