Rene Rostaing

Ren??s vineyard fervour and favoured use of 600 litre demi-muid casks which don?t stamp too much wood flavour onto the wine, result in some of the region?s most concentrated and sought-after C?te R?tie. His Cuv?e Classique is a blend dominated by the produce of La Viaill?re that always shows a hallmark refi nement and juiciness. His La Landonne is typically muscular and backward when young that after 8+ years develops into a whole spectrum of savoury meat and hedgerow fruit fl avours. However, his fl agship wine, C?te Blonde goes against the grain of the widespread clich?s about the effeminacy and delicacy of C?te Blonde wines. Although it does benefit from the floral effects of the 2-3% Viognier added to the blend, its density and concentration requires a barrel maturation longer than the others and at least ten years bottle age is needed before it is approached.

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