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Pusser's Rum - Blue Label Navy Rum, Virgin Islands


  • Alcohol Percentage: 40%
  • Unit Quantity (ml): 70
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Tasting notes

The only rum blended in accordance with the Royal Navy specification last used for its daily ration in 1970. Made in Barbados, Pusser Rum is pot distilled with no less than 5 pot stills being used, 3 based in Guyana and 2 in Trinidad. It is then aged for three years. The result is a rich and full-bodied rum with a very smooth palate and the perfect balance of “esters” and “congeners” aromas.

Producer Information

Pusser's Rum

For more than three centuries, the daily ration of Pusser's Navy Rum brought cheer to British sailors the world over. Pusser's rum was first introduced for crews working in the tropics (where traditional English ale spoilt rapidly) in 1655, but soon became standard issue across the fleet. The daily ration of rum was controlled by the purser (or pusser, hence the name) and only ceased in 1970 when the navy decided alcohol should be made available on a normal social basis. Pussers Rum is.. read more