Suertes del Marques

Based in Valle de la Oratova, Tenerife, Suertes del Marqu?s was founded as recently in 2006. The work here is as natural as possible. They farm 9 hectares of vineyards, split into 21 plots, with altitude ranging from 350?700 metres, on the slopes of Mount Teide, an active volcano. Some of the vineyards are very old indeed, and are trellised with a system unique to the Canary Islands: el cordon trenzado (the braided cord), which is a multiple cordon with a number of the vine?s branches braided together. . All vines are ungrafted and many of them are over 100 years old. They?re the only producer we know of in the islands who is vinifying by parcel and aging some of their wines in concrete vats. As a result, they?re making the most terroir-expressive and elegant wines that we?ve tasted from the Islands.

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