Teso la Monja

The word "Teso" in spanish means hill top, similar to a saddle. La monja is nun. The winery is located on a saddle and its design is similar to a cloister. It's sqaure shaped with a huge interior patio.The story behind Teso is that it's the Eguren family's new vision in Toro. Their objective is to create more elegant, structured wines which maintain the true essence of the Tinta de Toro grape variety. With 10 years of experience behind them, better understanding of the area, soil, climate and variety, the Egurens have purchased very specific north facing vineyards, which are higher in altitude, have fresher soils and therfore a lower alcohol content. The young parcels are 15-30 years old and go into the Almirez, the 45 year plus vines are reserved for Alabaster and Victorino. The vineyards are treated with typical Eguren care and attention, everything is hand picked into small boxes to avoid crushing, yields are tiny (between 10-20 hl/ha) and ageing takes place in french oak barrels. The result is stunning wine of great intensity charm and purity, these are every bit as concentrated as their predecessors with a finer, more subtle quality to them.

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