Undurraga began in 1879 when Francisca Undurraga Vicuña began bringing European grape cuttings back to his native Chile. He brought pinot noir and cabernet sauvignon from France and gewürztraminer and riesling from Germany, transporting the cuttings in lead capsules to stop them wilting in the extreme heat.

Viña Undurraga was founded in 1885 and had its first harvest in 1891. It was the first Chilean winery to export to the US, in 1903, and Undurraga wine won its first international award as early as 1910. By the 1940s the company was already producing 30,000 bottles a year, rising to almost half a million bottles by the 1960s, a portion of which they exported to around 60 countries.

Throughout the final decades of the 20th century the company continued to grow. However, when millionaire José Yuraszeck took ownership in 2006, Undurraga underwent significant modernisation. Part of this was the introduction of the TH or 'Terroir Hunter' range - which seeks out wines which combine the best
match of climate, soil and grape variety.

The company boasts 2 state of the art wineries and vineyards totaling over 1,100 hectares stretching across Chile allowing award winning winemaker Rafael Urrejola and his team to develop wines that express the character of each area perfectly. This philosophy is applied to each wine across the Undurraga portfolio with meticulous detail but nowhere more so than with the T.H range for which there are almost too many accolades to list. Undurraga is recognized worldwide for the quality of their wines which have received numerous national and international awards.

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