Villa Ponciago

Villa Ponciago is a centuries old domain with an ancient history; the first traces and its Latin name date back to AD 949. In 2008 the Henriot family purchased the domain in Fleurie, together with 48 hectares of prime vineyards. The terroirs of the estate are unique, with a total of 214 historically demarcated parcels that were previously classified as Premiers Crus and Premiere Classe. The crystalline granite in the soil gives the wines a complex minerality and elegance pushing the boundaries of preconceived notions of Cru Beaujolais.

Today, with their expertise in other great terroirs, the Henriot family has unveiled the domain to reveal the historic qualities which had formerly given it a reputation of excellence for the Fleurie Cru. The strength of the terroirs, the quest for quality, the expertise of the winemaking team, small yields – less than 50 hectolitres per hectare as in the 19th century, are once again producing exceptional Fleurie wines.

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