Vinnaioli Jermann

The region of Friuli boasts an increasing number of prominent wineries, but Silvio Jermann remains the shining star. He owns forty acres of estate vineyards that surround the family home in Farra d'Isonzo, where he created a new breed of big, fruity, ageworthy Friulian wines (outside the regulations set by the DOC). 'Vintage Tunina' is his most acclaimed wine and 'Capo Martino' and 'Dreams' have also distinguished themselves as a few of Italy's greatest and best-known white wines.In the sixties, avant garde producers like Schiopetto and Felluga created a style of crisp, clean wines with the introduction of stainless steel tanks and the elimination of oxidation in the winemaking process. This modern style eventually gave birth to the Super White movement with the release of Silvio Jermann?s blended Vintage Tunina. These complex blends from producers like Vie di Romans, La Castellada, Lis Neris, Villa Russiz, and Bastianich continue to capture international attention with their exotically aromatic or full-bodied charm. The 'Vintage Tunina' is probably the most successful wine in Friulian history, and is often referred to as the Tignanello of white Italian wines. While his legendary neighbors, Schiopetto and Puiatti, are responsible for getting the Super White movement started, Jermann is the one that kicked the door open.
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