Weingut Ludwig Thanisch

The family tradition of the Thanisch Vineyard can be traced back to the year 1648. In 2001 son J?rg took over his parents? business and continues to successfully head the company. The vineyard estate spreads across the best steep slopes of the Middle Moselle. The result are delicately fruity filigree Riesling wines with a juicy body and great potential.Thanisch cultivates 5 ha of vineyard area in the most well-known vineyard locations of the Middle Moselle ? near the idyllic wine-growing village of Lieser 3 km from Bernkastel-Kues. The family estate is located directly at the Moselle promenade with a magnificent view of the Moselle, surrounded by steep vineyards. Dry and semi-dry wines are produced in the "Lieserer Niederberg Helden" ; sweet specialties are grown in the "Brauneberger Juffer" and juicy, delicately fruity cabinet wines in the "Bernkastel-Kueser Weisenstein".The vineyards are south-southwest facing. The soils consist of weathered slate with an incline of up to 70%. The stony, soft slate soil ideally stores the heat, and at the same time the Moselle is a reflector which further intensifies the sunlight. This interaction between the mild micro climate and the cool general climate is the basis for the creation of delicious, lively fruity wines. A long vegetation period ? spanning from proliferation at the beginning of May to the harvest at the end of October ? intensify the fruit and make the wine fully fruity and highly aromatic. Layered with mineral nuances of the stony soil, the wine is always light in alcohol..

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