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Thank you for visiting our video page. Here you will find video tastings of many great wines reviewed by Helen Tate, our in house wine taster and Alex Down, London based, independent wine specialist.

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Alex Down

Alex Down

Alex Down (@therieslingrev) is a London based, independent wine specialist who consults a number of food and wine companies on a range of wine related projects.

In addition to his wine consultancy work, Alex runs a successful wine tasting business, Revolution Wine Tasting, which aims to take the stuffiness out of wine by hosting informal and relaxed private and corporate wine tasting events.

His specialist interests include, among other things, wines from the Riesling grape and, in particular, German Riesling. His views on Riesling are voiced through his website, The Riesling Revolutionary, which aims to promote this much underrated grape through articles and video tastings.

As well as his work in the UK, Alex has travelled around the world to many vineyards and gained first-hand winemaking experience during his time working at leading German wine estate, Weingut Hermann Dönnhoff.


Helen TateHelen Tate

Helen Tate is Winedirect’s in house wine taster. She graduated from Plumpton College with a BSc (Hons) in Viticulture and Oenology in 2011. Helen is also currently studying to complete her Wines and Spirits Education Trust (Diploma level).

Helen has been learning about wine for the last six years and during this time she has completed various harvests and viticulture placements in France, Portugal, Spain and California. Helen has also travelled around the world to visit wine making destinations in South America, Australia, and Europe.

As a full-time member of the Winedirect team she attends various industry tasting events and is always on hand at the office to try new wines and vintages.

Helen particularly loves wines from The Alsace, wines made from indigenous Italian grape varieties and Douro reds.