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The story of the House of Arras began in 1988 when Ed Carr embarked on a journey – his philosophy was simple - to craft an exceptional bottle fermented Australian sparkling wine equal to the world’s best. He found his matchless spot in Tasmania, where the cool climate, pristine environment and ancient soils are perfect for crafting world-class sparkling wine. Outstanding Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are sourced from six vineyard regions, which each bestow their own nuances and character. The Tamar Valley is warmer and wetter than some other regions, providing grapes with ripe, forward flavours. Pipers River has rich red ferrosol soils, and the highest rainfall of all the major grape growing areas in Tasmania. The sheltered Coal River Valley in the south of the island embraces a variety of soil types, and produces grapes with softness and perfume. The East Coast centred round the coastal town of Swansea, is warm and dry with maritime influences which produce robust grapes, with a muscular nature and wonderful depth of flavour. The Huon Valley commanding the southernmost tip of the island is a cool and wet region, and many of Arras' top grapes are sourced from this pristine area. The Derwent Valley is split into two very distinct sections; the Lower Derwent is warm and sheltered, and produces fruit with great richness and ripeness, whilst the Upper Derwent experiences much colder nights and is the driest grape growing area Arras source from, producing wines with the greatest elegance, finesse and complexity. The entire portfolio of Arras' sparkling wines are held back for between 3-10 years to give them the distinction, quality and maturity they require to produce their unique world-class wines. Ed Carr is Australia’s most awarded sparkling winemaker, and Arras is Australia's most awarded sparkling wine brand. The name Arras derives from Tapisserie d’Arras – a rich textured tapestry – the town of Arras in France was the main centre of weaving at the beginning of the 15th century - the legacy of this name can be seen in the richly textured wines the House of Arras produce today.