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Farnese are the biggest boutique winery in Italy, owned by the Fantini Group, founded in 1994 in the town of Ortona in the region of Abruzzo on Italy's central east coast. The founders: Filippo Baccalaro, Valentino Sciotti and Camillo De Iuliis, are referred to as “The Three Dreamers”. Why? Because although they had neither much money nor vineyards, they were able to make their dream come true with a highly innovative business model. This was based on sourcing quality grapes and wines from Southern Italian smallholder farmers and, by doing so, created a flagship artisanal winery of Southern Italy. The winery took its name from the nobleman Ottavio Farnese, who married Margaret of Austria in 1582. She wanted to improve the wine production from the Ortona vineyards and indeed succeeded. The wines were drunk at feasts all over Europe, gaining the “Farnese” wines a good reputation. A team of talented young winemakers and agronomists, overseen by two internationally renowned super-consultants, craft a stunning collection of wines with a Mediterranean character. State-of-the-art technologies combined with Italian tradition produce glorious fruit-driven red wines and aromatic whites from indigenous grape varieties. The wines are aged in the Caldora Castle in Ortona, a historic medieval and Renaissance bastion renovated by Farnese, and now their winery headquarters. They strive to raise the profile of Southern Italy and have now extended the business to Puglia, Campania, Basilicata, Sicily and Tuscany, with the aim of producing quality wines with an excellent quality/price ratio. They have achieved their goal in that they were awarded the best Italian producer in 2016, '17, '19 and '20.