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Monte del Fra

Monte del Frà is steeped in history. The first recorded mention of Monte del Frà dates back to 1492, when a group of Friars (Frà in the Venetian dialect) belonging to the Order of Holy Mary of Scala di Verona, lived in a former monastery on the land where the winery now stands in Sommacampagna, in the province of Verona in Northern Italy. A signed leased document proves that in 1619 the friars were allowed to rent 25 parcels for the cultivation of vineyards and fruit trees. This bucolic life carried on until 1805 when Napoleon Bonaparte closed the monastery and auctioned off its contents. Fast forward to 1958, when Massimo Bonomo rented his first few hectares of croplands in the hills surrounding Lake Garda. The family were fruit growers who cultivated some vines, but as time passed they concentrated more on the vineyards, growing the holdings to 118 hectares. Today Monte del Frà is one of the most extensive estates in the province of Verona, with 137 hectares of their own sustainably farmed vineyards, and 68 hectares of leased vineyards spread throughout all the main appellations of the region: Valpolicella, Custoza, Lugana, Soave and Bardolino. Now Massimo's sons Eligio and Claudio lead the company assisted by third generation Marica, Silvio and Massimo Bonomo. Monte del Frà emphasise the importance of agronomic practices in the vineyards, believing that the key to producing great wine lies in the cultivation of the vines. The same attention to detail is given in the cellar, where the most modern technologies preserve the characteristics of each appellation. The result is an enchanting portfolio of internationally recognised wines that encompass the integral styles of the Veneto. They offer outstanding value for money!