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Mount Brave

Mount Brave was founded in 2007. It is a brand of Jackson Family Wines and honours the pioneering spirit of the people who settled the rugged terrain of Mount Veeder in the 1800's, and a tribute to the native Wappo Indians who were the original inhabitants of this wild and isolated region. Wappo is thought to be an Americanisation of the Spanish word “guapo”, which can mean “handsome” or “brave”, and the people became known as the “Brave Ones” due to their strong resistance of the encroachment of their tribal lands. The vineyard was established decades ago, and once belonged to Château Potelle. Some sites date back to a time just before the American Civil War, when the region was first planted with grapes. Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Malbec and Cabernet Franc are cultivated in high altitude vineyards at between 1,400 and 1,800 metres above sea level, sitting above the fog line on the steep slopes of Mt. Veeder, which lies among the Mayacamas Mountains. It is the largest appellation in the Napa Valley, but only accounts for less than 2% of Napa's production and it also produces the lowest yields. Mountain wine-growing is hard and labour intensive. Virtually all the work must be down by hand, rains must be captured and erosion prevented. The temperatures are 10° to 15° cooler than the vineyards on the Valley floor, so the growing season is slow with the harvest stretching into November. The rocky, gravelly loam soils are sparse, resulting in tiny grapes with concentrated and complex flavours. The wines deliver the brambly aromas and blue fruit flavours associated with Mt. Veeder wines, but due to the higher altitude these components are enhanced, and feature intense minerality and well-defined tannins. They are crafted to drink well on release, but their incredible structure will also allow them to age beautifully in cellar.