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Terre di Sant' Alberto

Isabella Bisol has an impressive lineage: the Bisol family of winemakers can trace their ancestry back to 1542 when they began to cultivate grapes in the Veneto region of north-east Italy, and today are renowned as masters of prosecco. Isabella worked at Ruggeri, the winery founded by her great grandfather Giustino in 1950, but this was sold in 2017 to the German sparkling wine company Rotkäpchen-Mumm. For Terre Sant'Alberto, Isabella farms 10 hectares in the heart of Valdobbiadene, with a small plot on the prized hill of Cartizze, known as the Grand Cru of the Prosecco Superiore region. Glera is the main variety cultivated with a little Perera and Verdiso, which are important for their aroma and acidity respectively, and Pinot Noir for their rosé proseccos. The estate has been overlooked by the little church of Sant'Alberto for five centuries where, until the beginning of the last century, a hermit lived. When he saw a thunderstorm forming he would ring the church bell to warn the farmers, and it was also believed that the vibration of the bell had the power to ward off hail, which has always been a danger for vineyards the world over. And so the Terre di Sant'Alberto or the “Lands of Saint Albert” were protected and the name of the brand was chosen accordingly. These elegant and sublime proseccos carry all the class you would expect from the experience of 500 years of winemaking tradition.