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Vesevo is produced by the Fantini Farnese Group, Italy's biggest boutique winery. It was established in 1994 by Filippo Baccalaro, Valentino Sciotti and Camillo de Luliis in the town of Ortona in the region of Abruzzo on Italy's central east coast. The group make wine in six regions of Italy and Vesevo is their Campanian brand. This region in the South of Italy faces the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea and inland the terrain is over 50% hilly and 30% mountainous. This of course where Mount Vesuvius is located, and the brand takes its name from this active Volcano; Vesevo is the historic name for Vesuvius. Vesevo are located in the Irpinian hills to the east of Naples, known as the “Switzerland of the South”, where the vineyards are planted at between 450 to 700 metres above sea level, cooled by the breezes from the Bay of Naples. This is one of Italy's most exciting wine producing regions. Campania's indigenous grape varieties were known to the Romans, and offer some truly interesting wines. The wines reflect the complex character of the ancient soils, from fruity to powerful reds, and mineral to opulent whites. The Romans called the region Campania Felix, which means “Happy Land”, and these wines have real personalities and characters. They are sure to make you happy, especially at these great prices!