Palomino Fino

Of all the areas where this grape is grown, it has without doubt gained the most success and dominance in Southern Spain in the area surrounding the town of Jerez in Andalucia, where it originates, and is used to make Sherry. Palomino Fino forms the overwhelming majority of the three grapes grown in this area with the other two, Palomino Basto, and Palomino de Jerez falling in popularity. A total of around 27,500 hectares (ha) are planted in Spain, most of which are in and around Jerez where the warm and dry climate is ideal for Palomino Fino vines which are particularly susceptible to Downey Mildew. Finally, sealing its popularity for making sherry are the low sugars and acid produced when ripe which are ideal for fortifying and the often-oxidised style needed.  Other countries known for Palomino Fino are South Africa, where it is known as Fransdruif, and France, where it is known as Listán. However, both are in decline and being replaced. One area where production and popularity are rising is in the Canary Islands where it is the main white grape.

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