About Kilikanoon

Kilikanoon winery, nestled in the heart of Australia's prestigious Clare Valley, is renowned worldwide for crafting distinguished wines of unique character and exceptional quality. Drawing inspiration from its beautiful surroundings, the winery diligently transforms the fruits of sun-drenched, verdant vineyards into delectable wines that enrapture the palate.

Their impressive portfolio, spanning from bold, robust reds to fruity, refreshing whites, is the result of a tireless pursuit of winemaking excellence. The team at Kilikanoon show a particular flair for producing sublime Shiraz, characterised by intriguing complexity, finesse and balance. With every sip, wine enthusiasts can expect an authentic taste of the terroir, boasting rich, concentrated flavours and enticingly inviting aromas that leave a lasting impression.

Much of this mastery can be accredited to their commitment to the traditional methods of old world viticulture. This, coupled with a respectful approach to the environment, ensures the vineyards flourish naturally while retaining the region's unique, inherent characteristics. Each bottle encapsulates not just these distinguished attributes, but also the passion and heart that fuels the hands responsible for their creation.

Despite their unwavering dedication to tradition, Kilikanoon is not averse to innovation. The winery continually seeks to improve and evolve their practices. Adopting state-of-the-art technology and contemporary techniques, to reveal new dimensions in their wines and elevate their renowned quality even further.

However, it’s not just the wines that draw people to Kilikanoon, but it's stunning location. Visitors are welcomed into a tranquil retreat, where they can relax amid lush, picturesque landscapes, engage in intimate cellar door tasting sessions or immerse themselves in a unique vineyard experience.

All in all, Kilikanoon winery stands as a testament to passionate winemaking, a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, outstanding quality and, of course, the magic of Clare Valley.
A visit to distillery, is not just a wine tasting, it's a journey that captivates the senses and celebrates the profound beauty of wine.

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