About Lapostolle

Established in 1994, Lapostolle winery is a pioneering, family-run estate devoted to the production of exquisite, premium wines. Nestled in the picturesque surroundings of Chile’s Colchagua Valley, the estate produces vintages that have put it in the forefront of Latin American winemaking.

The winery’s French heritage, ardently represented by its founder Alexandra Marnier Lapostolle, plays a dominant role in their wine crafting. Lapostolle follows a biodynamic farming philosophy, maintaining a harmonious relationship with nature to create wines of supreme quality and excellent flavour. The vines are carefully nurtured and picked by hand, with minimalist intervention and respect for biodiversity.

Their stewardship extends to the construction of their Cellar in Apalta, where they bury the wine for perfect ageing conditions, mirroring the ancient wine caves in the Loire Valley. The edifice, an architectural marvel, superbly integrates into the natural hill, where every detail has been painstakingly considered to ensure optimal grape processing and conducive wine maturation.

The portfolio of Lapostolle includes a wide range of wines from its red, white to rosé variants, with Clos Apalta, a Bordeaux-styled blend and the estate’s flagship wine, earning international repute. Other notables include their Le Petit Clos label and the expressive Sauvignon Blanc from Casa series.

Whether you're a seasoned wine enthusiast or a curious novice, Lapostolle offers an unforgettable experience with its sophisticated boutique hotel and world-class restaurant, which pair their repertoire of wines with the splendours of Chilean gastronomy.

Lapostolle winery is not simply an estate, it is a true epicurean retreat that warmly welcomes all those seeking to savour the artistry of fine winemaking in the embrace of nature's beauty a fusion of French expertise and Chilean terroir, it truly captures the essence of authenticity and excellence.

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