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Tucked away in Puglia, Italy's sun-drenched heel, lies a passionate enterprise, A Mano winery. Renowned for their stunning range of wines, this winery marries the best of traditional Italian viticulture with innovative winemaking techniques. Blending predominantly indigenous Italian varietals, A Mano winery boasts a portfolio of wines that are distinctively original yet still have roots firmly planted in their Apulian terroir.

Founded in 1998 by American winemaker Mark Shannon, A Mano wins hearts for the meticulously crafted wines that shimmer with the characteristic warmth and charm of Southern Italy. A Mano, meaning "by hand", positions the brand perfectly – it is a craft, a labour of love, an unwavering dedication to realizing the best from each vintage. This devotion is evident in all their wines, from the robust, full-bodied reds, the perky, invigorating whites to the mouth-watering rosés.

The winery prides itself on environmentally-friendly viticulture. The abundant Southern Italian sunshine eliminates the need for chemical treatment, and the decision to hand-pick the grapes guarantees their quality annually The cool hillside vineyards, loamy soil, and the marked variation between daytime and night-time temperatures all contribute to the intensity and complexity of A Mano’s wines.

What truly sets A Mano apart, however, is their incessant pursuit of perfection. This pursuit is evident in the state-of-the-art facilities that marry tradition with innovation and in the passionate team that oversees each detail of the winemaking process.

A Mano winery, with its dazzling array of wines, embodying the beauty and warmth of Southern Italy, is indeed a gem in the world of wine. Their dedication to craftsmanship shines in each bottle, offering a sip of Puglia sunshine regardless of the season, or your location.

With A Mano wine, you’re not just enjoying a drink, you're experiencing a piece of Italian terra firma – elegantly captured and delivered in a bottle!

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